Monday, 30 July 2012

Recipe Special dumplings (Bakpao)

Source material:
     250 grams of wheat flour of low protein
     1 teaspoon instant yeast
     50 grams of pliers Mien
     1 tablespoon granulated sugar
     150 ml of water

Ingredients dough:
     25 grams of powder dumplings
     25 grams of white butter
     100 gr powdered sugar
     250 grams of wheat flour
     25 grams of cooking oil

How to make dumplings:
     Create biangnya first. Mix all dough ingredients prickly. Stir until blended. Let stand for 1 hour until the disintegrating
     Enter into a prickly: dumpling powder and powdered sugar. Stir well. Then enter the flour. Stir until smooth. Last put white butter and cooking oil. Knead again. After a smooth cover with a damp cloth or plastic for 10 minutes before in the form
     Form the dough lengthwise like a rice cake. Cut and weigh it according to desired weight (usually about 30 grams). Round the dough and then rest again for 15 minutes while re-closed damp cloth
     Take a piece of dough, flatten with hands to form round. With a rolling pin roll the edges just start from the outside toward the center. Try to keep a round shape, but the middle remains thick so that the dough does not break when dumplings are given content. Enter the material contents into it. Squeeze the dough and re-round it off.
     Place the buns on a sheet of baking paper. Let stand 1 hour maximum until fluffy. Character when pressed with a finger so the dough will come back slowly
     Boil water in a saucepan. Steam the dumplings for 15 minutes.

 Fill buns (optional):

Green beans:

     85 ounces green beans, soak 1 hour
     350 ml of water
     125 grams sugar
     ¼ teaspoon salt
     1/8 teaspoon alum green (if no one can replace the straw that crushed and sieved baker)
     750 ml cooking oil (preferably peanut oil)

How to Make Green bean recipe content:
Green beans are soaked in water drained. Then the beans boiled with 350 ml of water until tender to mush. Enter the sugar and salt. Cook, stirring until dry. Enter alum. Stir until the mixture turns dark colors tend to be black. Add the oil little by little. Cook until the dough is sticky and flat. Fill in the dumpling before steaming.

Chicken contents:

     3 tablespoons cooking oil
     1 tsp garlic, mashed
     250 grams of minced chicken meat
     1 tablespoon chives, minced
     1 teaspoon seasoning ngohiong
     1 tablespoon thin soy sauce
     1 tsp oyster sauce
     1 tablespoon granulated sugar
     1 tsp sesame oil

How to Make Chicken Recipe Contents
Heat oil in a skillet over medium heat. Saute the garlic briefly. Add chicken mince, Stir half-baked. Put all other ingredients until the chicken is cooked. Lift. Fill in the dumplings. 

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