Monday, 9 July 2012

Almond Marble Mouse Cake

Ingredients: Sponge cake (cut into cubes) 100 g of egg yolk (mixed with 30 g of sugar) 10 g gelatin (dissolved in 50 ml water) 150 g White Chocolate 60 g egg whites (mixer with 60 g of sugar) 250 g whiped cream almond essence to taste 1 tablespoon instant coffee (dissolved in water 2 tablespoons) 150 g longan

How to Make: * Mixer granulated sugar and eggs until fluffy and stiff, set aside. * Take the pan is not too high. Fill with boiling water. * Place the pan in the pan team for mousse ingredients. * The first is steamed and granulated sugar and egg yolks. Stir until the sugar dissolves, Set aside. * Next to the gelatin and water steamed, stir until dissolved. * Put the egg yolk mixture and sugar before, stirring until smooth. * Whitw Add chocolate and stir well. * Put the sugar and egg white mixture and stir well. * After that, remove the pan team. put whipped cream for two. * Dough added almond essence mousse first. The second batter was added a solution of coffee. * Prepare a plastic cone. Enter a mousse batter into a plastic cone vertically to the left, then enter the batter kananya mousse 2. We can see in the cone there are two different mousse mixture. * Prepare the glasses. Insert pieces of sponge cake mocha taste. kelengkeng put on it. spray mousse. decorated according to taste. put in the refrigerator. * Serve.

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