Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Habanero Hot Sauce: Cure for the common kitchen

Habanero hot sauce hottest sauce in the world is famous for being one. Caribbean, Cuba, Yucatan, Texas and California habaneros local peppers, manufactured, habanero hot sauce is amazing spicy, pungent flavor is a legend.

Capsicum habanero peppers type sense chin more and more hot Jacquin, and a rectangular, round or have a flashlight so. As it matures, yellow-orange habanero peppers, bright green ripe orange.

Never tried many market itself habanero habanero or one of the hottest sauces all can attest to other peppers style difference. Tabasco pepper is only 50000-30000 units of heat, for example, chile habanero, the heat Scoville scale is 200,000 to 300,000 units. Has achieved cult status in this world habaneros peppers explosion!

Habanero hot sauce deposit, lemon flavor and although they are not fashionable in the language, which is actually a kind of sweet smell. Due to the robust flavor and sizzling, habanero hot sauce traditional Caribbean cuisine kitchen (and your) is ideal. The meat sauce or salsa table to add a unique flavor, or if it is used in the production of spices and sauces were very spicy jerk sauce to enjoy, peppers habanero perfect.

Many of the popular hot sauces to choose habanero, and each has its own flavor. This habanero has some of the most popular sauces:
If habanero peppers with a strong flavor back, papaya, vinegar, spices, mustard and hot sauce to spice exceptional food, meat, fish, all kinds of structures and poultry: Treasure Island Papaya Allspice Sauce.
Jamaica called Treasure Island Wildfire Sauce: This hot sauce is made with habanero and spices and meat or fish peppers is a tasty seasoning. If you like hot, spicy habanero sauce is one for you!
Chutney Jamaica Treasure Island: Made with habanero peppers and vinegar, sugar and mixed with Jamaican spices, makes habanero pepper sauce Tabasco hot sauce looks old!
Green Habanero Marie Belize Sharp Pepper Sauce: This habanero hot sauce using good fresh ingredients and vegetables. Green habanero hot peppers and tuna, onion, garlic, salt, lemon juice and vinegar key made this sauce will leave an unforgettable taste.
Sharp Marie Habanero Pepper Sauce: red peppers habanero, fresh carrots, onion, lemon juice, switches, vinegar, garlic, salt and done, this habanero pepper sauce, a best seller for a reason. If used as a spice in cooking or as a dressing table, fire habanero hot sauce Marie Sharp will set your taste buds!

These are just many habanero enjoy your next meal is more one of chutneys style Caribbean. Chicken fish, habanero hot sauce makes every meal to remember.

Friday, 6 December 2013

World Barbecue Sauce

BBQ sauce with flavor marinade, basting (kitchen), used as a sauce or pork or beef ribs and barbecue style kitchen including chicken is cooked meat filling. This is used in a flavor, and many other foods.

Materials vary widely, even within countries, but most of vinegar as a basis for any and / or mass changes, including liquid smoke and spices and sweeteners such as sugar or molasses, mustard and pepper. Barbecue sauce most common tomato puree in the United States, corn syrup, molasses and vinegar and use a marketed Kansas City has a long life. This style is less dense, but in all places descendants of British brown sauce, sauce, similar target. Other regional revenue steeper failure pickled in vinegar for ketchup out of the base.

The exact origin is unclear. Others place in the 17th century the formation of the first American colonies Christopher Columbus, the Spanish sauce brought back to the late 15th century, some trace. Begins Article Source occur in English and French literature during the next 200 years. Mustard sauce South Carolina, a type of barbecue sauce, German settlers in the 18th century can be traced.
The first cookbooks tend not to put barbecue sauce recipes. The first commercially produced barbecue sauce Atlanta, Georgia Georgia barbecue sauce is made by the Company. Their salsa is advertised for sale in Atlanta Constitution, January 31, 1909. Heinz BBQ sauce started cooking oils and spices bag connected to provide more market access released its 1940 Kraft Foods.

The different regions have their own styles and specific commitment variations. Barbecue sauces based in North America tomatoes are well known example, vinegar-based barbecue sauces mustard, very popular in parts of the southern United States. A sauce and corn syrup tomato sauce based are common in Asian countries. Mexican sauce can also be used as a basis for barbecue sauces.
South America
A seasoning on the table, a pickle and sauce based on grid used as green parsley sauce - like sauce Roasted Argentina and Uruguay, called barbecue chimichurri. Chimichurri beef, lamb, pork, goat, poultry, venison and root vegetables used.
In Brazil, the typical barbecue vinaigrette sauce (vinegar, olive oil, tomato, made with parsley and onion) is called.
In Australia, "barbecue sauce" substantially as part of the cooking process is a sweetener, the addition means after cooking. In this context, this close cousin of ketchup, but tuxedos with darker and richer flavor. Australian Homemade barbecue sauce and Worcestershire sauce, ketchup, just sometimes a mixture. Coffee Trade Sauce, similar to a fruity flavor of various brands in the salsa market range.
American BBQ sauce a wide variety of tastes are different. Some regional tradition is based.
East Carolina Sauce - The American barbecue sauce from North Carolina two public sauces can trace their roots. Mere African slaves and principles supposedly also developed were popularized by American barbecue development. They vinegar is made with black pepper and pepper flakes. He drizzle the meat as it cooks to "understand" is used as a sauce and served as a sauce. Fine cuts and penetrating and fat sharp in the mouth. This sauce is very little or no sugar. Because of the strong flavor, not a cult following among people who are not.
Lexington Dip (lower west side of the Carolina Piedmont aka or less) - Lexington and western North Carolina "Piedmont" mountainous areas, often called salsa. This tomato paste, tomato sauce, tomato sauce or (above) is a welcome addition as East Carolina Sauce. Tomatoes vinegar soften.
Kansas - thick, reddish brown, tomato or sugar, vinegar and ketchup-based spices. Lower Lexington (above) that has been developed is significantly different from penetrating the meat was so thick and sweet and sit on the surface. This is the most common and popular sauce in the United States and all other tomato sauces are the main ingredient or less use of variations on the theme.
Memphis - Kansas City in a similar manner, typically containing the same material, but a higher percentage of vinegar and tend to use molasses as a sweetener.
South Carolina mustard sauce - South Carolina Department mainly yellow mustard, vinegar, sugar and spices released by barbecue sauces yellow. This sauce Columbia Charleston, a belt to an area determined by many German is most common. Vinegar sauce base with black pepper common in regions such as the coastal plain of North Carolina and tomato-thin, vinegar-based sauces are common in mountainous regions, such as North Carolina.
Texas - older, more traditional restaurants and some heavy sauces cumin, pepper, seasoned with chili powder or width powder, pepper, onion, tomato, just a touch, a lot of little or no sugar, meat immersed them, because they are generally present in particles of meat and smoke flavor. These are generally similar and average thickness of thin tomato soup. They penetrated easily sit up instead. Texas bottled barbecue sauce, since it does not contain drops of meat are often different from those used in the same restaurant.
Alabama white sauce - North Alabama is known for its distinctive white sauce, chicken and pork is mainly used in a mayonnaise sauce. This mayonnaise, vinegar, salt and pepper is formed.
Germany Estonia - Czech Republic, Malta, Spain
Hoisin, barbecue sauce is a type of Chinese style, many Chinese barbecue sauce recipes serves as the base material
Spicy tandoori yogurt with barbecue sauce is used for an Indian chicken dish
A sweet (Japanese tara West "teriyaki sauce"), soy sauce, teriyaki marinade used for a Japanese-style grill (traditional fish) before and cooking process.
Korean Galbi, a sauce made Ganjang usually called galbi or salsa heart is used. This is used as a marinade. Sesame oil, rice wine, hot pepper paste, juice, lemon-lime soda and honey common variations, although typically the sauce, soy sauce, garlic, and made of sugar.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Recipes classic sauces

In many ways, the sauce is food components Cinderella. Normally, thrown together at the last minute or just to keep other wet "out there" food. Or, sauce and water to form a sauce and / or combined with the thickness of wine.

However, the food is an integral part of a sauce in the French culinary tradition. You must delete a sauce to complement the food delicacies and meals are prepared. Why each kitchen will be based in the French tradition of creating a specific Saucier sauce.

Of course, all the fire in one of the meals of a pot, pan filled to the unique tradition sauces. But then kitchens and developing special pans of the main food and sauces can be prepared separately. In fact, sauces as we know it today (aka my spice) begins to develop a tradition of eating in various advisory Rome.

At the same time, many fish dishes, as (usually tomato-based) sauce cooked bold in many dishes as Ragusa, we note that themselves. BBQ sauce and a modern kitchen form the repertoire of every cook should be very basic and hot sauce along with such b├ęchamel, Holandais, anger, spicy, a number of classics like marinara sauce.

Classic sauce, of course, essential for the white sauce recipe is given below:

Classic White Sauce


425 ml of milk

2 stalks celery

1 bay leaf

Button 1 knife

10 pepper

1 slice of onion 0.5 mm

40g butter

20 g of wheat flour

salt and freshly ground black pepper, taste


Celery, bay leaves, mace, black pepper and a little milk in the pan with the onion. Cook over low heat (only about 5 minutes) and after (shooting smell) until you remove from heat and strain into a jug or bowl.

Add the butter to the pan and then add the flour and mix vigorously slightly melted to make a smooth paste. Including all times and continue until all the liquid (including each bullet completely before adding the next), stirring, add a little milk at a time.

Reduce heat to the lowest setting and hitting occasionally, cook the sauce for 5 minutes wait. Season ends with salt and pepper and use.

The following Australia revenue based on the original, for a BBQ sauce:

barbecue sauce


1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar

2 tablespoons powdered mustard

1 tablespoon pepper tea powder

1 tablespoon apple tea floor

1/2 teaspoon salt tea

180ml passata (tomato sauce)

2 tablespoons brown sugar

2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce

2 tablespoons lemon juice

4 pepper berries from Jamaica, spraying

2 crushed juniper berries,

10 Long fruit pepper powder (optional)


Simply mix all ingredients in a small bowl and mix well. The pepper for an extra touch, add 10 surface long fruit.

Brine and / or use as a basting grilled meat sauce.