Sunday, 21 September 2014

Pizza healthy as possible - no need to worry!

"Healthy" and "Pizza" do not usually go together. Pizza normal food away, maintain a healthy lifestyle, lose weight, or you're looking to keep the weight to stay away because I thought paper plates soaked in grease drip trays shows clearly greasy paper or plant design. Standard carbohydrates pepperoni pizza, calories, cholesterol and saturated fats this common view is absolutely correct.

But there is no such thing as a healthy pizza. Even now healthy pizza fast food outlets, pizza serves low calorie. Gourmet pizza, too, often with very little fat, cholesterol, and vegan cutting pizza, and (as with the authentic Neapolitan pizza marinara), when the cheese is not used primarily to substantially reduce the amount of calories.

Meat, milk, vegetables, bread, and when: With regard to health, pizza, after all, a time when the traditional "four major food groups" there. Pizza healthy, but also high quality (organic, fresh, etc.), these agents are proportional, and will be.

If you buy frozen pizza making pizza at home, or to eat out, you should be aware that there are principles of healthy pizza.

Count calories, cholesterol and saturated fat: When available, the calories you are eating pizza, saturated fat, cholesterol check the relevant nutrition information. Hand released a large slice of pepperoni pizza Domino, for example, 340 calories, 14 g fat, 5 grams of saturated fat, cholesterol, 16 mg, 660 mg sodium has 42 g of carbohydrates. Furthermore vegetarian pizza medium 155 calories, fat 4g, 0 g saturated fat, cholesterol, 0 g, about 251 g sodium 28G and carbohydrates. (This is usually all plant foods, such as source and no cholesterol, all vegan food has no cholesterol vegetable based.)

(An extreme example saw eight ounces or 780 calories, 37 g fat, 15 g of saturated fat and sodium 1,940mg. Pizza will be thorough Dish Domino can be two slices) As a general rule, delicious portions (half small slice 2) a healthy 200 calories or less pizza. In fact, some have less than 100 calories per serving delicious vegetarian pizza.

Ingredients may calorie count pizza, cheese is the most important factor. Nearly a cheeseless definition of a healthy pizza pizza. Mozzarella per gram, for example, 80 calories, 6.5 grams of fat and 25 mg cholesterol. No-cheese pizza may seem strange in North America, but it was actually made the original Italian pizza, marinara, cheese baked in a wood oven without tomato sauce just crushed garlic, thyme, and a thin crust. If you go to an authentic Italian pizzeria, you can order one to try for yourself. Many experts consider this your favorite pizza pizza (using high quality materials. This pizza is made all the difference), and the European Union formally traditional European products (TFP) as the pizza marinara, agreed.

It can be used instead if preferred or mozzarella vegan low fat. Restaurant, unless you are a vegan, however, generally not available in restaurants. In addition, reserves of current account calories and fat mozzarella is no different. Vegetable cheese main difference is the absence of cholesterol.

Finally, just use your imagination with vegetables (like broccoli spicy Thai curry instead of anchovies, salt, black olives) makes a more interesting pizza healthy, but also increases the fiber content.

Healthy Pizza crusts: wheat pizza dough whole pizzas are available in many fast food establishments. Every single fiber wheat pizza pie is increased by 50% using the shell. In addition, many interesting gluten free and unrefined carbohydrates variations are incredibly high in fiber. These are usually (except those with special health food and vegetarian), no restaurant, but can easily be done at home. Some books of vegetarian cuisine, for example, seeds and vegetables has made a very interesting pizza crusts. They are particularly suitable for making pizza for types of super healthy athletics.

Thus, while the almost definitive fast food factory work no-no for those health conscious, healthy pizza can definitely be part of a good diet plan for delicious pizza.

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