Friday, 8 August 2014

Preparation for the special salad Salad Bars: Tips to make it more palatable fee

Lettuce, talking about how to prepare a dish, the first thought that comes to mind is the traditional combination of lettuce, carrots and cherry tomatoes tossed with that. But you feel any desire to eat as a salad? He becomes dull and boring as the rest trying to munch on a bowl Well, most people do not. How to cook a delicious traditional rules violation and click individual about adding a touch of creativity to make a lip?
If you are an investor in the series The salad is delicious and very important to make a delicious salad. More and more people go for a healthy and green food, financial benefits and not a franchise salad bar, but also gain a marketing brand name is a banking business service options growing in it.
But to bring continuous traffic flow salad franchise, green salad will have to offer customers a variety of options. Don best creative cap and will be loved by everyone, even begin to prepare some simple green salad, but delicious. Here are some tips in this article and store salad was delicious and easy way to bring the tricks to make it attractive:
• Go green salad with Asian style: What offers Asian-style green salad with a generous offer to our customers. Easy to prepare, this salad is sure to captivate all the fantasies taste bud has a unique charm. Put some fresh lettuce in a bowl and throw some chopped cabbage. Bowl of bean sprouts, crushed walnuts, add the chicken pieces and fresh peas and mix with a little oil or vinegar. Ball and tasted served with cheese or mayonnaise.
Greek Style Gorge: saving and easy to make time, Greek style salad salads dealer should be for you too. Asia lettuce put in a clean container similar to the preparation of salads and those IT tomatoes, cherries, cucumbers, add fruits and vegetables such as peas and beans. Cheese spread and olive oil with all Blender. In fact, according to the needs and requirements sprinkle a little red wine vinegar.
Mexican style Saute: How about a salad with hot and spicy dishes? Authentic sound interesting? Then the burning salad Mexico salad menu bar hot franchise for customers love is added. Place it in a salad bowls and clean lettuce. Grated cheese and green beans and red peppers and discard all the sheep with onion. If desired, sprinkle with a short list of cream and Mexican salad is chewed.

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