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Sugar free BBQ Sauce

See the secret of a good barbecue sauce starts with a good dry rub, took pan juices and sauce want to use this as our base. So first I'll show rubles revenue, and whatever your taste, you can change it to the proper use of any type of meat.

materials Rubin

II has three basic ingredients of a dry rub, first I had ribs for about £ 1 because I use a spoon table that onion powder. Garlic powder is rubles each other fibers, and I'll use it a lot and finally, a tablespoon of mustard to land another fiber also use a tablespoon.


Articles rest is optional, will add about a chipotle pepper teaspoon, and this (I have to like smoky barbecue sauce like me) who will give a smoked flavor. Then we will also add a teaspoon of pepper contributes about smoky flavor. I eyes to find the technique works very well, but if you can measure you. Bottle 'taps' just a couple - I'll just use a little brown cayenne pepper. I like to use a bit of white pepper and a tablespoon of black pepper and weight of reinforcements on me because I will add about half a teaspoon of salt tea, clear ground. (In fact, the use of coarse crystals and increased salt because getting on the road and broths help. I would do without this gives the taste of salt.

I sprayed some sweetness to a cane brown sugar cane juice, which will use - and will use about a tablespoon. So this is my dry and only have to mix (good smells smells like dry molasses) goes well with sugar BBQ sauce.

Conditioner Dry implementation

First we have to dry friction in practice, I would not use hickory liquid smoke, I mean. This nutty flavor and can be obtained from mesquite - It has low sodium and calories. It really puts in meat and smoked improves open water is the basis for a great base for our sugar-free barbecue sauce.

I put the ribs on a plate and will spray liquid smoke. Then I'll dry friction and sprinkle over the entire surface of the beautiful and liberal. Then rub the meat, and then turn it over to cover the other side. This dry rub seasoning as something beautiful is what we will use barbecue sauce, so when the drip tray flavors, we will use and installation will begin with barbecue sauce tastes like sugar. We hit a bulk spice flavor instead of "layers" that way.

Now we are thin ribs that leave at room temperature for 30 minutes covered.

Cooking ribs

We will do our advance rib dinner about half an hour in an oven at about 225 degrees lower. Now you can grill has a gas grill and a charcoal grill or even a gift, but in this case I'm doing my indoor grill to finish the oven and then. So what do I do this heavy aluminum seal, yo, I have two sheets, this way you can make sure you get the coverage as well. This plate - - When I start to flow to flow into the well and the sewing water, reverse bend the ends to not let the secret barbecue sauce and sugar tried to bend these pages.

Now that the ribs in the oven, then had to wait almost two hours drip pan juices in the film, because I will not rest, and this will be a great base to start my barbecue sauce sugar. Our reinforcements ready so I do not have to show how sugar BBQ sauce sets. We have some finger-licking good ribs will be.

Caramelized Vidalia (barbecue sauce sugar adds sweetness)

Okay, let's cuisine. She was so sweet, because I am using a Vidalia onion, and I'm not just cut it in half month. Let caramelized onions. Carmelizing brings natural sugar and onions on a Vidalia onions are already quite sweet and sugar instead of using barbecue sauce as main material, and will be our star. In fact, I'm just doing a little BBQ sauce, but because I will use my store to buy the authors until sauce but cut a whole onion until onion.

OK is the higher center of my kitchen and my liberal coating tray, extra virgin olive oil and pat've Smart Balance. You do not have to use Smart Balance, but I use it instead of butter. After starting the oil bubble gently, warming to his liking and I'm out of my onion table cut to the pan that slides I did not scare me.

"Weathering" barbecue sauce bought sugar shop

Walden Farms calorie free option for the sauce, barbecue sauce and receive free carb "doctors" are. If I had to go that way, I pour the whole bottle to get my frying pan is very thin - it tasted good, but not too thin. So we want to thicken slightly, Muir Glenn or Full Circle as well, are good brands and local sugar, I use organic, different from the way we do this, there are a couple of tomato paste. Use only a tablespoon of tomato paste soup and there is no need to add any extra sugar - you can add some garlic, add a little onion powder, caramelized onions, if desired, you can add a little. And with a little agave nectar for a little sweeter for medical doctors can even add a little bourbon in Kentucky. Chipotle chili powder, you can add a little key, but ketchup just add a tablespoon of starting with a free carbohydrate calories without barbecue sauce and about ten, fifteen low, cover the hot pot put it so minute that thickens and permissions. One tablespoon is not enough, you should, then you can always add more.

If you really want to make your mouth happy dance then just take a homemade recipe our sugar-free barbecue sauce, but - without sugar BBQ sauce, this shop "forgery" I bought a great experiment version if necessary ...

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